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9 April 2024
How to Choose the Right Moving Truck Size for Your Calgary Move Relocation is simultaneously an exciting and anxiety-inducing challenge. On the one hand, it's a new beginning. And on the other, it is a project that requires careful planning. Whether you're uprooting to a spacious family home in the suburbs or transitioning to a trendy loft downtown, one of the most critical decisions you'll make in your Calgary move is selecting the appropriate moving truck size. It's an essential decision that can make or break your move. Choosing wisely can mean distinguishing between a streamlined move and one filled with unnecessary stress and multiple trips. Here's your guide on how to choose the right moving truck size for your Calgary move. Assess Your Inventory It all starts with assessing what you need to move. A quick tip is to visualize your belongings in standard-sized boxes, even for furniture, to get a rough volume estimate. We recommend creating an inventory checklist that not only aids in deciding truck size but also ensures nothing is forgotten. This is useful whether you enlist the help of movers or choose to do it on your own. Understand Truck Sizes Of course, trucks come in all shapes and sizes. The trouble is knowing what dimensions translate to in terms of your belongings. Small Trucks (10-12 feet): Ideal for a studio or a small one-bedroom apartment. Medium Trucks (14-17 feet): Suitable for a one to two-bedroom home. Large Trucks (20-26 feet): Best for two to three-bedroom homes or larger. Keep in mind that these are general guidelines. Your specific needs may vary depending on the size and amount of your belongings. Another approach you can take is to have a professional assess what needs to move. They can provide an accurate estimate that you can count on. What is the Scale of your Move? The ideal truck also depends on where you're moving. For instance, if you're moving downtown, a massive truck can make transportation and parking a nightmare. In this case, it might be worth doing multiple trips. On the other hand, if you're moving to a new city or province, bigger tends to be better. Factor in Extra Space When in doubt, it's better to have a bit more room than to face the dilemma of a truck that's too small. Think about it. If you overload the truck, it can lead to damaged belongings and increased risk during transport. Moreover, extra space allows for proper securing and padding of your items. Additionally, it's not uncommon for trucks to come with moving equipment. Plus, if you're also using equipment, it's important that they also fit in the truck. Consult with Professionals Perhaps the most foolproof method to select the right truck size is to consult with moving professionals. Foothills Movers has the experience to estimate accurately what size truck you'll need after a quick consultation about your inventory and move details. This takes the guesswork out of the equation and gives you peace of mind. Choosing the right Truck Size for your Move Choosing the right moving truck size is crucial for a cost-effective and efficient move. It requires a balance of precise inventory assessment, understanding of truck sizes, and considering the unique elements of your move. Foothills Movers ensures your move is smooth and suits your needs. Moreover, with our expertise, you can trust that you'll have just the suitable space for your belongings as you start your new chapter in Calgary. Ready to lock in the perfect moving truck for your Calgary move? Contact Foothills Movers today, and let's get moving!
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10 June 2024

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